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Women’s Wrestling Mon, 13 Dec 2021 14:00:28 +0000 The Waverly Wrestling Program started in the spring of 2018. In the beginning, no one knew what they were doing, or that high school wrestling didn’t involve hitting people with chairs. There were a lot of people who gave wrestling a shot, but later quit because they thought that it was too hard, they were scared, or that it was just too weird.  Now there are more and more students who are trying wrestling, and sticking with it.


From day one of Waverly’s Wrestling Program, there have been girls wrestling alongside guys. During the first year of competition, the girls in the program did not do very well.  There may have been two wins that came out of the two girls in the high school wrestling program at the time. The girls who have stayed with it have improved greatly since the beginning of the program. Trinity Shell, a current senior and captain of the women’s wrestling team, was one of the few girls who started and has stayed with the program. Trinity states, ¨The amount of girls coming out, not only the amount, but the effort, strength, and mindset that comes out of each and every girl.”   Now, there are girls who are placing in both girls and varsity tournaments.


The Waverly women’s wrestling team has gone extremely far since the first girls state tournament presented by OHSWCA (Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association) in 2020.  At this tournament the highest placer was seventh place, by current senior Savanna Johnson.  In the 2021 state tournament, the OHSWCA girls state tournament was broken down into several regional tournaments, where the top six from each regional would move onto the state tournament.  Waverly brought seven girls to their designated regional tournament. Out of these seven girls, Waverly had five venture into the state tournament, Savanna Johnson, Aiyana Tolliver, Aiden Peoples, Chloe Little, and Chloe Lemaster.  All of these girls performed tremendously and all got ranked top fifteen, in the state, in their weight class.  Head coach of the women’s team, coach Mindie Bond, states this about the Waverly women’s team, “Now we have four or five girls who are ranked in the top 15, in the state, in their weight classes [for girls]. When people think about girls wrestling in the state of Ohio, Waverly is one of those places they think about.”


Women’s wrestling in Ohio has not been sanctioned yet by OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) as a high school sport.  For 15,000 years wrestling has been a sport.  It has been altered into several different variations throughout these years.  Women have been wrestling for many of these years but haven’t gotten the same amount of publicity and popularity as then men who wrestle. OHSWCA has made it possible for the high school female wrestlers to be able to show off their talents at regions and state girls tournaments. Over the years the Waverly girls team has done a lot to try and get women’s wrestling sanctioned in Ohio as an OHSAA sport. “People are bigoted and they think that it’s a predominantly male sport, that girls can’t do it and they shouldn’t do it, but it all actuality, like not the case,” stated Aiden Peoples, a current two year junior.


Wrestling has and still does affect everyone in many different ways. Abbi Montgomery, alumni of Waverly Wrestling, who now wrestles on an all girls team at Tiffin University states, “It gave me a sense of community, which I never had before. I was able to learn how to socialize, I made friends. It really felt like a family.” Abbi was able to find a community, a family, and a sense of belonging through wrestling that she didn’t have before. Along with Abbi, wrestling had a large impact on Trinity Shell too, “It is an awesome and amazing sport, it showed me so many things and taught me many things. I have grown up throughout it.” She has improved a lot, both mentally and physically with wrestling.


As you can see, wrestling can change people for the better. It has become people’s love and purpose for years. Women’s wrestling has had a large shadow over it for many, many years.  The Waverly Wrestling team is helping lift this shadow alongside many other schools and clubs across the world.  If you are thinking about wrestling or helping our program grow, then maybe this from the head coach of the varsity  team, Scott Green, will help you with your decision, “Everyone starts out somewhere. If you immediately start out of the gate an expert at something, then everything you do, eventually, will be very boring. It’s worth the challenge.”

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Student Organization Presidents: NHS Mon, 13 Dec 2021 13:54:06 +0000 The president of Waverly High School’s National Honor Society is Reese Nichols. An interview with Reese provided plenty of insight into her character and also plenty of advice. 

When asked about what she wants for the student body this year, Reese replied that she hopes “we all have a good year and do good things.”  In the interview, it became apparent that Reese values kindness and how we treat one another. When asked about how she achieved the presidency of the NHS, Reese responded that she believed it was through being nice to others, simply treating them with kindness. 

Reese was also asked if she would have made any drastic changes through her student career to get to the point she has gotten to, and she stated that she was pretty satisfied and didn’t think she’d change anything. 

Finally, Reese was asked if she had any parting advice for lower classmen. Her advice was to “Focus on school. There’s a lot of drama and gossip, so try not to get caught up in that!” A big thank you to Reese for partaking in the interview and for some advice!

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Artist of the Week Thu, 09 Dec 2021 14:21:57 +0000 Waverly Art

This very cool drawing is by Alex Ward, who I had talked to today about this specific drawing she completed.

I asked Alex why she drew these faces? She said “ it’s to show the variety in discontent that can be expressed and that each person has their own way of coping and expressing themselves”.  I then asked if faces is something she normally draws or is it something new? She had said that “ I mainly draw faces because it comes more naturally for me so I thought going more in depth by adding more expressions and emotions would be a challenge”. And I like how she did the faces. It’s hard sometimes when you do new faces because even a normal simple face is hard then adding expressions just add to it but she did a really good job.

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Fry-Day: The Fast Food French Fry Review Tue, 07 Dec 2021 15:09:29 +0000 On Friday, November 19th, senior Waverly cadence members went out into the world and tasted different types of French fries. There were eight restaurants reviewed throughout Waverly. Roosters, Arby’s (Crinkle and Curly), Dairy Queen, Fred’s, McDonalds, Diner 23, Burger King, Bob Evans, and Giovanni’s were all the restaurants reviewed in the process.

The first place reviewed was Roosters, which was the only place that we had to sit down in. The over-all enjoyment of a sit down restaurant was there but the fries definitely diminished the enjoyment that we had. Roosters came home with a disappointing first French Fry Taste, achieving a 5/10.

The second place reviewed definitely had the meats; Arby’s was the only place that required we eat two types of French Fries, crinkle and curly. The crinkle cut fries had mixed reviews but ended up coming home with a 4/10 (the only reason it’s even this high is because Britton gave them a 10/10). The curly fries, however, were a subject of controversy. The curly fries walked away with a 7.5/10 even though everyone rated them high besides Britton.

The next Michelin star restaurant reviewed was Dairy Queen. They were some of the worst fries only obtaining a 4/10.

Fred’s was next up on the list, getting a 6/10 solely for the fact that everyone got bouncy balls.

Some think that the place next up has the undisputed best fries, but according to our review, they are only just the vice president. McDonald’s obtained the second best rating of a 7/10.

We decided next to review a forgotten place in Waverly that I feel gets overlooked some of the time. Diner 23 is a great place to get breakfast but a very mid-place to get French Fries. They obtained a 6/10 on the Friday French Fry Scale.

The newly renovated home of the whopper was up next on the list. Like the Diner, their French Fries were very average. Only getting a 5/10 on the FFFS.

No one would expect that Bob Evan’s would have good fries, and you would be completely right in not assuming that. Bob Evan’s had the most soft and moist fries, which in the eyes of many, is the sign of a bad French Fry. Bob Evan’s got a optimistic 3/10.

For the final review, we sat down at Giovanni’s. Gio’s is well known for its great pizza and even better cinnamon roll pizza. To make up for the fact their French Fries weren’t the greatest we also got the said cinnamon roll pizza. The Fries only got a 3/10 but the cinnamon roll pizza swept away the competition and got a 10/10 on the FFFS (The FFFS is only reserved for French Fries but for this we can make an exception).

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All Together Now Mon, 22 Nov 2021 18:24:10 +0000 All Together Now is a Musical Theatre Revue performed worldwide, currently there are over 2,500 organizations from all fifty states and forty countries/ territories that signed up to participate in the event during November. Over 5,500 individuals will be performing.   These performers were seen by over one million audience members. WHS students participating in the Revue were twenty-five high schoolers who auditioned and all of the junior high choirs. The showcase included songs from over fifteen different musicals including solos, duets, trios, quartets, and large ensemble numbers. There was plenty of singing, dancing, acting, and more in the showcase.

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Artist of the Week Fri, 19 Nov 2021 18:02:26 +0000 Today I talked to Lexi Bailey who drew this very pretty vase drawing.

I asked Lexi what was the assignment for this drawing? She said “ The assignment was to draw plain vessels, but we were told to find creativity in them so my thoughts were to have a back story to them which is the flower in the middle, the vine to the left and the one with the light house.” Something I like about this drawing is that they are different size vases which makes it more realistic and the shading added on just makes them pop for me. I then asked Lexi if she normally drew stuff like this or if she enjoyed drawing faces or animals or even non fiction stuff? She said “ Depending on the day, I’ll draw objects but I’m more about drawing animals than faces, and occasionally I’ll draw unrealistic art.”


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Cross Country- State Meet Fri, 19 Nov 2021 17:41:43 +0000 In recent years the Tiger Cross Country team has seen many successes.  This year was one like no other, the team sent two runners to the Ohio State Cross Country Championships.  First, Senior Olivia Cisco, who had an amazing season  competed in the Division II girls race and walked away with a time of 19:12.   She took the final spot on the All-Ohio Team in 30th place.  Olivia was also the Southeast District Runner of the Year. 

Additionally,  junior Mitch Green competed in the Division II boys race and took 75th place with a time of 16:54.  This was Green’s third trip to the state final in three years and we look forward to seeing him back in the Championships for a fourth and final time next year.

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Where Am I Now- Blaise Reader Thu, 18 Nov 2021 19:21:56 +0000 It now being November, my first semester in college (disregarding CCP) is coming to a close. Being on main campus here at Ohio State is everything I had hoped it would be. Currently, I am majoring in English with a concentration in literature, film, and pop culture studies with a minor in Art. Having a lot of the normal first- and second-year classes out of the way due to my time at Shawnee, I have had a quite relaxing semester that I am thankful for, as my classes not being overwhelming has allowed me to adjust to the new environment easier.
With this degree being very flexible, I am hoping to return to one of my passions of journalism and write for a publication covering the peoples and their art and culture around me. I have other thoughts too of possibly teaching or staying around the university for graduate school, but for now I am just looking to a four-year degree to get into the field and begin to write again! My true dream would be to document culture, such as art and specifically music in whatever area I end up living in through photography and writing.  I am truly thankful for my experience in Cadence because this is where my main passions stemmed from. I would most definitely credit Cadence for pushing me into my infatuation and perusal of photography and writing. The first camera I picked up and the first articles I wrote were because of Cadence, and I will forever be grateful for being put on this path.
Transitioning into college has been quite easy for me, as my Junior and Senior years prepared me rather well with CCP. The weirdest thing has just been living independently in a new place. I was beyond glad to get into OSU, as it was my first choice and I have always wanted to end up in Columbus, but it is quite different here than home. That is not necessarily a bad thing though, as home has its ups and downs. Regardless, I am thankful as well for my experience in Waverly and at the high school. As much as I berate the area and some other things there, I do not think I would have wanted to grow up anywhere else. Coming of age in a small town is usually looked down upon, but I think you can learn some great lessons from it. You learn to know how to entertain yourself, as there is almost quite literally nothing to do but cause problems in Walmart or sit in a parking lot. Things are simple in that setting, but also sometimes trivial with everyone knowing each other. As much as I act like I resent Pike County, I am glad I grew up there. All my friends and my favorite staff at the school have truly shaped me into the person that I am today and put me onto a great path early in my life. Even though I’m glad I experienced the small-town life, I encourage everyone to try to escape it at some point. Having experienced night and day going back between Pike County and downtown Columbus, I see that you need to know what both are like. You never know what you’re missing until you leave and see other things.
On a note relating to getting out of the small-town life, I encourage everyone to pursue what they legitimately want to do as well. Through the years until I joined Cadence coincidentally, I had believed I was going to go into either Computer Engineering or Computer Science, with my eyes locked on those six figures. Growing up though, I had the epiphany that the money does not matter whatsoever. Nowadays, you are going to find a job in almost anything you can think of, and every degree has its use. I feel it is often discouraged, at least down there, to go for certain things, being stressed to you that some degrees are useless and you’re not going to find a job using your passions. I do not think that could be more wrong, and if you follow those ideals you will end up hurting yourself in the end and regretting it all when you are older. Being in Columbus in this academic sphere has just made me realize that you desperately need to do what you wish, as that is the most important.
All in all, I am doing great up here. I am enjoying my classes, finding interests and loves, and finding out more about myself. Living here is great, as there is an infinite number of things to do. Concert season has also done me well, as I have gone to six so far, and have three more this year. These include Faye Webster, Japanese Breakfast, Phoebe Bridgers, Idles, Oso Oso, Dayglow, Macseal, Born Without Bones, Alex G, and Tyler the Creator.  My exhaustingly endless list of hobbies continues to expand, and I am growing as a person as well. If I am to offer any advice to those who might read the Cadence, it would pertain mostly to enjoying what you have while you have it. In the area, I would go to say that Waverly is one of the better places you can be, and there is staff there that truly cares about all the students and what they are pursuing. The resources are there, and I would encourage students to utilize them and go out of their way to form and build relationships with their favorite teachers or counselors. These connections will last, trust me, and they will be very useful to you in the end. Especially once you get closer to the academic and professional world, knowing how to make these connections and build relationships will go a long way.
On top of all of that, you should just enjoy your time as a high schooler. Of course, everyone says it (it’s quite the cliché), but those four years are really gone in the blink of an eye. I still feel like I’m a freshman walking into the high school to go to first period for the first time, and I think you should cherish those times while you have them. We all grow up way too fast, and you need to value what you have now. More advice, academically, would be to push yourself and think to the future. Still to this day, Advanced Math with Mr. Biggs first period my Junior year, was the hardest class I have ever taken, and I might have learned the most from it. I know he no longer teaches in the high school, but that class really taught me how to work. Not just how to memorize your terms and know enough to pass whatever quiz and then forget and move on, but how to truly work. It was a grueling experience to wake up every day and have Pre-Calc with Biggs at eight A.M., but I swear by it that I needed to take that class. Although it was hard and I had the first F of my life for half the first nine-weeks, it taught me that sometimes you just need to put your head down and grind out whatever is looming over your head. That is also something I had to come to terms with rather quickly, when I began to take higher level courses. Not everything is going to be easy, and you need to get past the difficult things to get to what you want to be doing. So, I would encourage you to challenge yourself academically and, in your life, as much as you can as there are lessons there that you will carry with you for years upon years. Despite how hard things will be in the moment, it is just a class. You will survive, although your sanity might be fractured for a short period. But nevertheless, you will live to see another day. A grade is just a number at the end of the day, so try as hard as you can, but of course do not lose sleep over it if you do not have to.
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